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Regina Sullivan
Partner, MainLineNeighbors

Regina Sullivan is a co-founder of MainLineNeighbors. She worked in commercial production and advertising for 10 years. She worked on major brands and had major headaches. In 1998 she had her daughter Hannah and then twenty months later, her son Connor. From 1998 to 2004 she was busy being a Mom and loved it but wanted to get back to working. In 2004 she met Laura, started InWayne.com in 2005 (now MainLineNeighbors) and since then has never been happier! Recently, when she's not being held captive by her computer, Regina can be found cooking, reading, taking pictures, volunteering, running or biking, playing at the beach or watching kid's soccer, baseball and LAX games with her husband Gene (he should have his own paragraph because with out him always believing, there would be no MainLineNeighbors!) Regina is the first to admit she's addicted to carbs and lets her roots go longer than she should. She is always on a quest to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie and is in constant pursuit of the perfect hat. And one day, yes, one day she will do the Triathlon Sprint in Brigantine.


Laura Woyak
Partner, MainLineNeighbors

Laura Woyak is a co-founder of MainLineNeighbors.  She has a degree in Marketing and was the Marketing Director for an environmental laboratory for 6 years (yawn).  In 1997, she and her husband Scott had their first child Brianne.  Seeing that this was, by far, the most important little being in their lives, Laura decided to quit her job and stay home with Brianne.  Laura and Scott pled temporary insanity when during that same month (having child #1 and quitting her job), they also purchased their first home, and bought a brand new car.  Twenty months later, Laura and Scott had their second bundle of joy, Kailyn.  Then, in 2003, they moved to Wayne, met Regina (and her wonderful family), and shortly thereafter started InWayne.com (now MainLineNeighbors).  WHAT FUN! (what kismet!)  Laura loves to end sentences in exclamation marks!!  The more the better!!!!!  (hey, she's Italian, what do you expect!)  And admits she uses way too many smile faces in her emails.  During her down time, Laura loves to do any kind of manual labor -- loves a physical challenge. Loves being outside on beautiful Spring and Fall days with her constant companions, Nikko and Bernadette.  (A German Shepherd and a Leonberger)  On those cold wintry days, Laura has been known to "overdue" fires in the fireplace and has now been put in temporary 'fire time-out' by her husband.  When Laura's family and friends are happy, healthy, and safe . . she is the happiest person on earth!
Natalie Zipkin
Sales Representative

Natalie has been part of the zany MLN crew since 2008.  She is grateful for the many amazing, fun people she's met along the way.  Natalie is married to a wonderful guy named Jay and is the proud mom of two awesome daughters, Leah and Ilana. Teddy, the cockapoo remains her best canine friend. :) Natalie was an editor for TV Guide Magazine for 6 years and then became a Senior Account Executive for a local allied healthcare publishing company. In her spare time Natalie sings in an all women's community service choir called "The Noteables" where she performs at various assisted living facilities throughout her community. She spends way too much time on the computer and also admits to being a "Words with Friends" addict.  When Natalie is not working, she is either singing, cooking, lunching with friends or figuring out how she is going to spend her soon-to-be empty nest life.  Life is good!
Ann Davies
Sales Representative

Ann Davies is one of the newer members to the MLN Sales Team. She is thrilled to be part of such a creative and talented team! MLN was introduced to her by friends soon after she moved to the Main Line area over 10 years ago. Spending most of her childhood either overseas or in DC, she was thrilled to learn Philly was way more than just 30th Street Station and Pat’s Cheese Steak! Philly became home! She and her husband moved from Wimbledon, London, where she worked in sales and marketing. She learned she was pregnant with baby number one, Zoe, the day she started work at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce in 2002. Baby number two, Luke, came bouncing along three years later when the family moved to Wayne. After working at the PCC, her main focus became the job of a lifetime -- quite literally -- raising her two great kids, now 13 and 10! :) The most recent little gal to join the Davies family, is their auburn mini golden-doodle, Oakley! Why did we wait so long to get a dog? Such Joy!! When not driving her kids from here to there, or misplacing her keys and phone, something that happens with way to much regularity, Ann is probably playing tennis, walking Oakley, volunteering at the kids school or chatting with neighbors!!
Sandie Rabena
Writer/Editor, Social Media Mgr, Sales Representative

Sandie grew up in King of Prussia, pre-Mall era, spending much of her life hearing,“ Where do you live?  Queen of Russia  ?” Her degree in Public Relations & Advertising was gently pushed aside for the job she coveted most: Stay-at-Home Mom. Three great kids and a ton of volunteer work later, she decided to pursue other interests and became a part of the MainLineNeighbors team. As someone who enjoys writing, marketing and design, becoming an editor and helping to expand the MLN brand through social media and advertising sales was a perfect fit. Now she's always on the prowl, searching out what's new/fun/entertaining to keep our Neighbors in-the-know. If you see her in your travels, or pass her in the "Queen of Russia" Mall, be sure to stop her and say hello!   
Beth Cohen
Writer/Editor, Social Media

The first time Beth heard about MainLineNeighbors was six years ago in Tokyo. That's right…the Main Line is internationally renown! Beth lived in Tokyo for three years before moving to Wayne. While on the other side of the globe, she coincidentally befriended a former Newtown Square resident who sent her a link to MainlineNeighbors when she heard Beth was moving to the burbs of Philadelphia. One read of the newsletter and Beth was overjoyed to learn she was moving to such a vibrant, hip area. After years of learning the short cuts in and out of town, bike riding into Philadelphia along the Schuylkill River Trail, walking into Wayne, shopping the variety of farmers markets on Lancaster Ave., running races like the Alex Wake Run, the Radnor Run, the Broad St. Run and the Philadelphia Marathon (she kind of likes to run), she is ready to share her view of the Main Line and proud to join the crazy crew of editors for MainLineNeighbors. She is also a new empty nester, although she hates that word and would rather be called a “free bird” but it's less familiar and better known as a name of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song. Anyway, now that her daughter and only child is off in college, Beth can share her new perspective of the ‘hood' and all the exciting things to do with and without children. Beth's love for writing started at the University of Delaware (Go Blue Hens!) where she majored in English with a concentration in Journalism. Her other love at UD was her “husband to be” whom she met while working at Kinkos to help pay for college (read beer). He showed her how to clear a copier jam and it was love at first sight! After college, she wrote for a local newspaper in Maryland, but later went back to school for graphic design at the University of Baltimore. Being able to write and design helps fulfill Beth's need to always be creating. If she's not writing or designing, Beth's creative outlets are pottery, cooking, and photography. She is also a huge Baltimore Ravens fan and is thankful that the Ravens and Eagles are not in the same division otherwise she couldn't hang her Ravens flag off her front porch in the Fall.
Kate Myers

Kate started out as an MLN subscriber in the summer of 2014, when she moved to the lovely little town of Wayne with her husband and two daughters. Bored, lonely and pregnant with her third child, she needed something (anything!) to fill those loooong, hot summer days. Thankfully, MLN did all the work for her, telling her where to go and what to do each week (her daughters remember that time fondly as “the summer mom dragged us up and down the main line”). Then, in early 2016, when she read that MLN was looking for editors and writers, she literally jumped for joy! What a great way to pay it forward and help other new (and not-so-new) neighbors discover all the main line has to offer. The rest, as they say, is history, but a little background doesn't hurt: Kate grew up in Baltimore and worked as a copywriter at an advertising agency before leaving to stay home and raise her family. Since then, a steady supply of freelance work (and now, MLN!) has helped maintain her sanity and pay the bills (those kids are expensive!). In her spare time, she loves reading, working out, crossword puzzles, any drama series she can binge watch on Netflix and coffee with extra cream.
And we can't forget the four furry beasts we spend each and every day with . . . Nikko, Bernadette, Mumford and Mabel! (And of course, we can never forget the two that started with us from the very beginning, but have since passed on.... Chester and Griffin! Gone but NEVER EVER forgotten!)!

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